Workplace Health

(519) 661-2047
(519) 661-2016 (fax)

Mon-Fri 8:30a.m.-4:00p.m.

Room 25
公么与儿女息在线阅读UCC (Lower Level)

Workplace Health provides occupational health surveillance, occupational and non-occupational medical care and treatment, and a safe space to share both work and personal health concerns and/or issues. If an issue arises while you are at work we are available on a walk-in basis. We encourage you to be proactive, drop in or make an appointment today. We offer:

Medical Care and Treatment

公么与儿女息在线阅读A full-time Occupational Health Nurse is available for medical treatment of occupational and non-occupational illness/injuries, and general health concerns. Emergency care is provided as needed.

Occupational Health Surveillance

公么与儿女息在线阅读Health screening is available for all Western employees with identified potential workplace hazards.  This is to provide protection of employee health against any health and safety hazards that may be found in their work environment.

In order to schedule a Pre-Placement Health Assessment, a Hazard Communication Form (HCF)公么与儿女息在线阅读 must be completed by your supervisor and sent electronically to Workplace Health, either by yourself, your supervisor or Human Resources. Once your HCF has been received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment.

The Pre-Placement Health Assessment visit consists of discussing the potential hazards/exposures listed on the (HCF) that are specific to the individual's job. A general medical history is taken and immunizations are updated as needed. You will then be placed on an annual medical health surveillance program.

Employees who may be exposed to any workplace hazards are recalled each year for an Annual Health Review. During the Annual Health Review, the employee's potential workplace hazards are reviewed and discussed, blood work is taken as needed, immunizations are updated as needed, and any job concerns are discussed.

If necessary, an employee's Health Surveillance Program will be updated to meet any job changes or employee needs.

Blood Pressure Screening

公么与儿女息在线阅读This service is available to all employees at Western. Employees can have their blood pressure monitored regularly at Workplace Health. Readings are then given to employees for review by their family doctor.  You may also learn ways to lower your blood pressure by talking with the nurse and/or picking up blood pressure handouts.

Allergy Injections

Allergy injections are available on-site to all employees. Simply bring in your serum and your shot can be administered by nursing staff.


公么与儿女息在线阅读Different immunizations are available as needed, including Tetenus/Diptheria, Hepatitis B and Rabies. TB skin testing is also provided. Requests for travel immunization are referred to off-site travel clinics.

Flu Immunization Clinic

Flu immunization clinics usually run from late October into early December. Flu vaccinations are administered yearly to protect against influenza (the flu). The vaccination is updated each year because the virus that causes influenza continues to change. Watch for clinic dates and times to be advertised.